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Month: January, 2021

Mouth-Watering Thick Chicks

I’ve always preferred chicks with some meat on their bones over skinny stick figure girls. I like to have something to hold onto when I’m thrusting into a sexy babe. When I found out I could save up to 51% with a discount to Jeffs Models, I knew this was a deal I could sink my teeth into. The ladies you’ll find here are absolutely stunning and down for whatever.

This Jeff guy definitely has the same taste in ladies as I do. Every single babe you find on this roster is hot as hell. Some are just chubby with a few extra pounds around the middle while others are flat out obese. They all have insatiable sexual appetites though. The roster is packed with 120+ thick chicks to drool over. You’ll get to see them across 300+ exclusive movies that cover a wide range of hardcore activities. Most of the videos feature one on one sex, but you will find some group scenes that will leave you with your jaw on the floor.