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Different feeling of Anime sex doll

Recently uxdoll launched Anime sex doll not only in the face of both beauty, detailing is also very good points. At first glance, there is no difference with the real person. Buy this doll collection in the home, will certainly have a different feeling.

Five senses processing

In the design of facial features, uxdoll Anime TPE adult sex doll does not overemphasize the golden ratio division, and not like other brands deliberate processing. Of course, in order to meet the characteristics of the doll, the five senses also added the line design. So compared to the dolls launched by other brands on the market, this doll seems to be more real.

Bones are clear

This doll is slightly more prominent in terms of bone design, for consumers who like skinny sex doll, slim sex doll, these sex dolls is a good choice. Some consumers who like cosplay can also consider buying.

Fine maintenance

In terms of maintenance, this doll continues the usual way of maintenance of uxdoll dolls, which require fine maintenance. In addition to the use of sex dolls, but also a collection. Then for this special collection, it is not unacceptable to spend a little more time and effort on daily maintenance.


uxdoll will launch many new type of quality sex dolls and accessories every year, for regular customers, as long as the brand has a new doll online, in the case of a sufficient budget will certainly buy directly. After all, compared to other brands of dolls, the dolls launched by this brand are not only very stable in quality, but also very good in terms of the sense of use.